Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: Yes, we do offer free estimates. In order for us to give a comprehensive estimate, we do need to have a scaled and accurate plan to work from. This enables us to take precise measurements so that we can provide you with exact costs. If you don’t have a hardscape plan, we do offer design services.

Q: How much should I expect to spend on hardscaping?

A: The cost of hardscaping is difficult to generalize without site-specific information, and an understanding of each homeowner’s objectives. Often times projects are above or below 10-12% the cost of the home based on the homeowner’s objectives and specific site requirements.

Q: Can we divide the project into phases?

A: Absolutely. We work with homeowners on a regular basis to create phasing plans for their projects. We will phase a project to meet the clients’ initial budget goals, while maintaining a cohesive design that can be flawlessly completed in 2 stages or 5, based on the clients' needs.

Q: Do you charge for your designs?

A: We do charge for the time that we spend incorporating your needs and our aesthetic vision into your one-of-a-kind hardscape plan. At our initial consultation, which is free of charge, we can give you a quote based on the amount of time we will need to put together your plan.